* All dogs must be up to date with their Rabies, Kennel Cough, and Distemper Vaccinations and must provide a negative fecal upon attending any of our services. *

Jillian's Pooch Paradise is the One Stop Shop for all dog lovers! 

Doggie Daycare
For our doggie daycare, we provide a safe and fun experience for your beloved pooch! We have multiple indoor play areas and three fenced outdoor play areas for your dog to run wild with all his/hers friends. All play areas are supervised by a qualified Jillian's Pooch Paradise staff member.  We separate dogs by size and energy level. We do this for safety reasons so the most gentle loving Saint Bernard does not accidentally sit on your precious little chihuahua.  Dogs like playing with dogs their size anyways! 
Daycare hours are anytime during our business hours, on Sundays too! 

To enroll in our doggie daycare, please call the office and schedule a free three hour trial run. During the trial run, we will evaluate your dog's personality/temperment to ensure our facility is the best fit for your pooch. We will need a copy of your dog's vaccination list upon your scheduled trial run date. 
Overnight Boarding

Jillian's Pooch Paradise offers a home away from home experience for your pet during their overnight stay with us. We are a fully alarmed and insured facility and we provide overnight staffing to ensure the safety and elite care of your pets. Please call the office at 774-501-2949 to inquire how to make reservations for your pet.

Jillian's Pooch Paradise also offers cat boarding on the second floor of the facility called 'Meow Mountain Lodge'. All cats are provided their very own spacious cat condo. Cats must be up to date with their rabies vaccination before booking their reservations in Meow Mountain Lodge.
Jillian provides top of the line grooming care for your pooch. To schedule a grooming appointment, please call the office at 774-501-2949 and speak to Jillian.

Our Grooming Services Include:
  • Shampoo & Condition
  • Haircutting 
  • Nail Trimming
  • Dematting
  • Sanitary Trims
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Anal Gland Expressing
  • Deskunking
  • Flea & Tick baths
  • & more...
Jillian's Pooch Paradise is now offering Dog Walking!

$15 for a 20 Minute Visit 

$20 for a 30 Minute Visit

$30 for a 1 Hour Visit

Each visit includes a walk, opportunity to go potty, fresh water and feeding, pooper scoop, liter box scooped, plants watered, alternate lights, treat pets, and get mail.
Michaela Collins from Om Obedience is now offering training classes in Jillian's Pooch Paradise. For more information about training classes, please email Michaela at omobedience@gmail.com or 781-929-5446.